Affiliate Ads

Blogging Is a powerful content platform and bloggers have their own niche audiences over whom they can exert their strong influence. This audience has a respect for the blogger and values their opinion highly. Hence, they follow the recommendations of the blogger. This influence Is used effectively by companies for marketing their products by using blogger as their affiliates. Such Affiliate ads are in vogue in online marketing

What are Affiliate Ads?

Affiliate Advertising Is an innovative form of marketing where the advertiser pays the influencer or blogger money to promote his product or services on the blogger’s site.

Both the advertisers and bloggers or publishers can make money through Affiliate Ads. The advertiser wants to push his product and o he offers a financial incentive to the influencer for promoting them. The influencer, on the other hand, has no product but wields the power to push any product to his select audience. Thus, a mutually beneficial revenue sharing business is initiated through Affiliate Ads.

But how to institute an affiliate program? This is where Fresh Digi Hub comes in.

Type of Affiliate Ads

Affiliate Ads are of 3 types   
1. Pay-per-click   
2. Pay-per-lead   
3. Pay-per-sale
All these 3 types of Affiliate Ads are performance-based a the affiliate gets paid only when the reader clicks on the company product or make a purchase of the product. This type of Pay-Per -Acquisition model works well for the advertiser a the company pay only when the lead gets converted.

Why Affiliate Ads with Fresh Digi Hub?

Affiliate Advertising Is a success only when the right affiliate partners are chosen. The task does not end here. Once the affiliate Is enlisted, promoting the brand rightly through their channel, monitoring their content, evaluating the response from their affiliate marketing and trying to maximize this affiliate promotion are all part of an Affiliate Ad agency’s job and this Is what Fresh Digi Hub does effectively.

Fresh Digi Hub takes extreme care in selecting the affiliate partner are they are an extension of your ale team.
We select only those affiliates who have not only a considerable audience but also a strong influence over that community.
The audience that the affiliate caters to, also, matter in our decision-making process.
We also guide the affiliate on the aspect of the brand they should highlight on and proof their content before publishing
Next, track the traffic from this affiliate marketing and evaluate their effectiveness and ROI.
Lastly, we manage the entire Affiliate Marketing program from end-to-end, for your Company without the need of any effort from your end.

What Our Client Says?

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Deals of the Day

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Advantages of using Fresh Digi Hub for Affiliate advertising

With  Fresh Digi Hub, Affiliate Marketing / Advertising is efficient, economic and effortlessly executed. It has low risks, earn you better ROI and fit neatly into your budget without much expense.

Fresh Digi Hub amplifies your sales potential through astute Affiliate Marketing.