Online Reputation Management

Be it an individual or a business, the world judges them by their reputation. This is why online reputation matters the most for both individuals and businesses.

Online Reputation Management ORM

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation is the image or perception created in the viewer’s mind about your brand or business. This online reputation is built on viewing your website, reading it Google reviews or perusing the comments on its social media accounts or pages. This online reputation can make or break a business relationship, create or destroy leads and can threaten your very existence if it is not handled diligently.

 This is why online reputation management (ORM) is taken very seriously and entrusted to ORM experts like Fresh Digi Hub.

Why is Online Reputation Management so important?

ORM is important for both businesses and individuals because

For Businesses

It takes just a second or two for a comment on Page 1 to make a viewer dislike your page and flip it. This instantly cuts don your CTR and increases your bounce rate, causing your business to lose leads.

For individuals

Your name is your brand. Any damaging content about you will make the user spend time in searching and verifying it rather than actually clicking on your website.

For both individuals and businesses, online reputation is their identity in social media.

Safeguard and sustain your Online Reputation by availing our ORM services at Fresh Digi Hub and enhance your brand integrity in the digital world.

What Our Client Says?

Anup kumar

Very good. A very professional team. I have been associated with this team and the results are also good. And always the response also. All the best team.

Deals of the Day

Fresh Digi Hub has an extremely talented Digital Marketing team that listens to our needs and then works hard to meet them. Every resource is a responsible and dedicated team to work. We are really enjoyed working with Fresh Digi Hub team.

Rekhas Tailors

FreshDighub is one of the best Digital marketing company in chennai. They upfront approach establishes project expectations within the limitations of website development and SEO. Quantifiable results were achieved within several months of work. Now, sales through Google search engine and social media consistently increase each month, while the website’s bounce rate also steadily decreased. Thanks for the young talented team to get succeed of my business.

Online Reputation Management services at Fresh Digi Hub

• Harmful comments creep in like a shadow- noiselessly and unseen and virtually drown your online reputation in darkness. Here is when Fresh       Digi Hub steps in with its ORM armour to salvage your business reputation.
• Our ORM techniques are many and most effective. We structure the destructive comments in an unseen manner and effectively erase it from         the visible portion of your search graph.
• With our ORM, we get instantly notified about the activity on your page or website to take instant damage control measures.
   Next, we defend rather than offend. Creating positive vibes on the web by leveraging the existing positive web properties helps us to elbow         out negative or neutral results on page 1.
• By tailoring the results in Google Suggest, we push the search engines to modify the viewer suggestions to complimentary keywords during a       user search.
• Removing negative words like scam and populating Suggest with positive expressions yields a positive brand image.
• Similar to SEO but more multifaceted in using various properties, our ORM at Fresh Digi Hub does not rest until you get a picture-perfect SERP.
• So guard your online reputation with life by availing the ORM services from Fresh Digi Hub.
• Protect it from malicious or undesirable comments that may arise as user reviews or feedback.
• Such negative comments that go on Page 1 are literally indelible from the internet but can be buried.
• Resort to a Reputation Management Campaign from Fresh Digi Hub and elevate the reputation of your business to its real glory.

Fresh Digi Hub – the armour of your Online Reputation!