Mobile App Development

The world is mobile on a mobile! Yes, mobiles are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere so much that by 2020, there are going to be 20 billion mobiles in the world.  This shows the clear need to master the use of mobiles for your business. Not convinced? Take a look at these figures.

 • 60% of online searches are made from mobile devices.
 • 27% of the retail-e-commerce sales are done only through                  mobile apps.
 • 62% of the smartphone users made a purchase during mobiles in      the last 6 months using mobile apps.
 • Even inside a store, 80% of the shoppers looked up a phone app        to check the prices, reviews and ratings. 

All the above reasons are proof that you need to create a custom mobile app for your business.

Mobile App Development Services In Chennai

How Mobile Apps Can Boost Your Business?

Mobile app development is the best way to maximize the returns from your business. Look at how mobile apps can boost your business in the following ways.

 • Almost everyone carries a mobile everywhere. Mobile apps make it convenient for them to place an order on the go without going to the  company website.
 • Repeat ordering is also easy when you use a Mobile app.
 • Mobile apps generate more sales due to their ease of access and ordering.
 • Making the use of call-centers redundant,  Mobile apps directly connect to the customer through a visual menu.
 • Compared to traditional advertising, mobile app development costs are minimal while their results are maximal.
 • It is easy to push notifications, offers and promotions through Mobile apps to users who have downloaded them. This reduces marketing costs drastically.
 • Enhancement of the customer experience is the highlight of mobile app development.

What Our Client Says?

Jeyachandran Textiles

A well-talented digital marketing team that are always easy to get in touch with, 24/7 available people and are hardworking. Always comes up with creative ideas and always supportive. All the best for all your future projects.

OceanRaft Solutions

Fresh Digi Hub is a top quality provider of digital marketing services. They are upto date with all the latest technologies and trends and provide excellent service and support. Their charges are very reasonable. They have helped me grow my business exponentially.

Anup kumar

Very good. A very professional team. I have been associated with this team and the results are also good. And always the response also. All the best team.

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Fresh Digi Hub has an extremely talented Digital Marketing team that listens to our needs and then works hard to meet them. Every resource is a responsible and dedicated team to work. We are really enjoyed working with Fresh Digi Hub team.

Fresh Digi Hub - The Masters of Mobile App Development

We at Fresh Digi Hub are veritably the masters of Mobile app development.  With an expert technical team of app developers, UX engineers, Graphic designers etc., we build, deploy and help you monetize your mobile app for your business.

 • Our mobile apps are tailor-made to suit your requirements with special and unique features that give you a competitive edge over your rivals.
 • We build apps that open faster than any website to enable quick ordering and better customer service.
 • The apps we build are bug-free and require literally zero-maintenance.
 • We concentrate on enhancing the customer experience through the apps we build to increase your customer engagement and retention.

At Fresh Digi Hub, the Mobile apps we build maximize your revenue, reach and  ROI. 

Make the most of Mobile App Development for your business by enlisting the expert services of Fresh Digi Hub