Facebook Ads

From the oldest grandpa to the budding teenager, everyone has a Facebook profile and clamour for Facebook likes.

A person spends an average of 35 minutes on Facebook daily.

A clever entrepreneur would definitely want to reach out to the audience on this influential platform to promote his business.

With 2.2 billion people as its viewer, Facebook is the largest online community you can encounter today. Reach out to this grand audience and propel your brand and business with Facebook Ads.

why Facebook ads is important for your business?

What are Facebook Ads and their types?

Facebook Ads are ads deployed on the Facebook platform to cater to a large online social networking audience. There are 5 types of Facebook ads:
1. Photo Ads – Using photos with text op boost your business.
2. Video Ads – Attention-grabbing videos to show the functionality of your product or narrate your brand story.
3. Carousel ads – Using a series of photos or videos in a carousel sequence to showcase a single product or a range of products.
4. Slideshow Ads – Creating a short video ad with still photos as clips like a slideshow.
5. Collection Ads – These special ads for mobile devices display a collection of products that online shoppers can click to buy.

Why Facebook Ads for your business?

Have a high conversion rate

Good return on investment

Can cater to a specific audience using microtargeting

Cater to a wide audience

Pocket – friendly to suit your budget

Facebook insights are useful in understanding customer behaviour and  their buying pattern

But Facebook Ads are truly effective only when they are evolved by an experienced Facebook marketing agency like Fresh Digi Hub

What Our Client Says?

Gowthami Karthick
Gowthami Karthick
3. November, 2023.
Very professional and dedicated team. Lifting lots of burden off our shoulders. Would strongly recommend to other SMEs in Chennai.
Karthick Rio
Karthick Rio
12. July, 2023.
Awesome experience working with the team at Fresh Digi Hub! They are always very responsive and continuously gives us suggestions to improve our online presence in the Food & Beverages industry. A great help as they managed our SEO and SEM really well and we do not have to worry. Definitely will recommend them!
Gokul Manoharan
Gokul Manoharan
17. March, 2023.
Fresh Digi Hub has a very professional Digital Marketing team. We did SEO and a Facebook campaign for one of our business units and the response was outstanding. All are cooperative and really satisfied working with them. Planning to give other units in near future.
24. January, 2023.
Perfect place to get support for digital marketing services in Chennai. Good service with guiding developers for all our queries and issues which is occuring on the website. They doing good on SEO optimization as well. Digihub has an knowledgeable experts in SEO. Long way to go.. good work guys 👍🏻
R A V I . M
R A V I . M
26. May, 2022.
It was an Exellent experience for me, I went there for my Company logo & Profile work..very satisfaction services by Mr.Vinoth..Fresh Digi HUb..I refer this place to everyone looking for Digital Marketing Services..Good Day..
babu a
babu a
27. November, 2021.
Had very good experience with team Fresh Digi Hub. This was my previous experience with another digital marking company: Nowadays everyone started doing digital marketing without knowing complete process. I've visited one digital marketing team to create a new website but they took 15 days to complete the project but the result was pathetic that was totally unsecured website with worst design, Totally fed up with their service... Experience with Fresh DigiHub : I've got a chance to meet Mr.Vinoth. I've explained about my previous experience and problems with that website security issues... Later vinoth & team changed complety my website as professional secured website... Also they do branding & promotions in reasonable price...Now am generating more business with my google reviews more enquiries in my websites... Thanks Team Fresh Digi Hub
Joel Raj
Joel Raj
21. March, 2021.
Fresh Digi-hub is working for us. Avalon, a laptop showroom at Pallikarnai. They are doing an excellent work for the digital marketing side of our business by understanding our requirements better. We have seen genuine long-term results in customer response through local seo and google search ad run by fresh digi-hub. We also appreciate them for giving us sophisticated reports every month to state our current stand on the google local seo. For getting genuine long-term results on digital marketing for your businesses, you must approach Fresh digi-hub.
Kannadasan Chinnachamy
Kannadasan Chinnachamy
20. November, 2020.
An excellent experience with your marketing assistance and worthable services. All the best for your future projects...
Nsl Mahesh
Nsl Mahesh
20. November, 2020.
We are highly satisfied with your techinical support and timely services. All the Best for your future projects.

Successful Facebook marketing using Fresh Digi Hub

Fresh Digi Hub use several types of  Facebook marketing strategy to promote your business on Facebook

  • We create a new Facebook Business Page or convert your existing profile into a business page.
  • We integrate Facebook Messenger with this Facebook business account and start interactive communication with customers.
  • We use Facebook analytics to analyze your audience profiles.
  • Based on the demographics and buying preferences of your target audience, we choose the type of Facebook ad suitable to target them effectively.
  • We then create Facebook ads with appropriate visuals and content.
  • We then set a budget and bid for each click of your ad or for 1000 impressions.
  • We then launch the Facebook campaign.
  • After the launch of the ad, we analyze the response and adjust the bidding, budget or content appropriately to achieve Facebook ad optimization.

Our customer testimonials are proof of our strength in Facebook promotion and advertising.

Entrust your Facebook Ads to Fresh Digi Hub to change the face of your business.

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