Facebook Ads

From the oldest grandpa to the budding teenager, everyone has a Facebook profile and clamour for Facebook likes.

A person spends an average of 35 minutes on Facebook daily.

A clever entrepreneur would definitely want to reach out to the audience on this influential platform to promote his business.

With 2.2 billion people as its viewer, Facebook is the largest online community you can encounter today. Reach out to this grand audience and propel your brand and business with Facebook Ads.

why Facebook ads is important for your business?

What are Facebook Ads and their types?

Facebook Ads are ads deployed on the Facebook platform to cater to a large online social networking audience. There are 5 types of Facebook ads:
1. Photo Ads – Using photos with text op boost your business.
2. Video Ads – Attention-grabbing videos to show the functionality of your product or narrate your brand story.
3. Carousel ads – Using a series of photos or videos in a carousel sequence to showcase a single product or a range of products.
4. Slideshow Ads – Creating a short video ad with still photos as clips like a slideshow.
5. Collection Ads – These special ads for mobile devices display a collection of products that online shoppers can click to buy.

Why Facebook Ads for your business?

Have a high conversion rate

Good return on investment

Can cater to a specific audience using microtargeting

Cater to a wide audience

Pocket – friendly to suit your budget

Facebook insights are useful in understanding customer behaviour and  their buying pattern

But Facebook Ads are truly effective only when they are evolved by an experienced Facebook marketing agency like Fresh Digi Hub

What Our Client Says?

Jeyachandran Textiles

A well-talented digital marketing team that are always easy to get in touch with, 24/7 available people and are hardworking. Always comes up with creative ideas and always supportive. All the best for all your future projects.

OceanRaft Solutions

Fresh Digi Hub is a top quality provider of digital marketing services. They are upto date with all the latest technologies and trends and provide excellent service and support. Their charges are very reasonable. They have helped me grow my business exponentially.

Anup kumar

Very good. A very professional team. I have been associated with this team and the results are also good. And always the response also. All the best team.

Deals of the Day

Fresh Digi Hub has an extremely talented Digital Marketing team that listens to our needs and then works hard to meet them. Every resource is a responsible and dedicated team to work. We are really enjoyed working with Fresh Digi Hub team.

Successful Facebook marketing using Fresh Digi Hub

Fresh Digi Hub use several types of  Facebook marketing strategy to promote your business on Facebook

  • We create a new Facebook Business Page or convert your existing profile into a business page.
  • We integrate Facebook Messenger with this Facebook business account and start interactive communication with customers.
  • We use Facebook analytics to analyze your audience profiles.
  • Based on the demographics and buying preferences of your target audience, we choose the type of Facebook ad suitable to target them effectively.
  • We then create Facebook ads with appropriate visuals and content.
  • We then set a budget and bid for each click of your ad or for 1000 impressions.
  • We then launch the Facebook campaign.
  • After the launch of the ad, we analyze the response and adjust the bidding, budget or content appropriately to achieve Facebook ad optimization.

Our customer testimonials are proof of our strength in Facebook promotion and advertising.

Entrust your Facebook Ads to Fresh Digi Hub to change the face of your business.