Content Marketing Strategy

“Words have power but creative content has command”

To have a dominating digital presence online, you need powerful content and we, at Fresh Digi Hub are the right people to create it for you.

The strength of social media depends on the strength of your content and we, at Fresh Digi Hub believe in fortifying your presence on social media through our formidable content.

Content  Marketing strategy is one of the cornerstones of Digital Marketing. Without the right content, all your digital marketing campaigns are bound to fall flat.

content marketing strategy

What is Content Marketing Strategy?

Creating content is not enough; the success lies in marketing it well.

Yes, Content Marketing Strategy involves outlining the key needs of your customer and mapping it to your brand by the use of content in an intuitive manner.

We at Fresh Digi Hub are adept at  Content Marketing strategy and follow the following steps to make your brand presence felt using the content.

  • Studying the audience persona and their needs
  • Outline your content plan to tell your brand story
  • Monitoring, updating and fine-tuning content to optimize the results.
  • Evolving a channel plan earmarking the platforms to promote content and defining their objectives.
  • Mapping the content to match the buyer's journey to his goal.
  • Selecting the right channels to tell the brand story.
  • Establishing a continuous brand conversation with the audience through the content
  • Creating a unique and distinct brand presence and space with content.

Types of content used in Content Marketing Strategy?

  • Blogs
  • Social Media Posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Emails
  • Ebooks
  • Case studies
  • User testimonials
  • Presentations
  • White Papers
  • Website Copy
  • Newsletters
  • Company Profiles
  • Catalogues
  • Brochures

What Our Client Says?

Anup kumar

Very good. A very professional team. I have been associated with this team and the results are also good. And always the response also. All the best team.

Deals of the Day

Fresh Digi Hub has an extremely talented Digital Marketing team that listens to our needs and then works hard to meet them. Every resource is a responsible and dedicated team to work. We are really enjoyed working with Fresh Digi Hub team.

Rekhas Tailors

FreshDighub is one of the best Digital marketing company in chennai. They upfront approach establishes project expectations within the limitations of website development and SEO. Quantifiable results were achieved within several months of work. Now, sales through Google search engine and social media consistently increase each month, while the website’s bounce rate also steadily decreased. Thanks for the young talented team to get succeed of my business.

Why Fresh Digi Hub for Content Marketing strategy?

 » We create power-packed content that attracts top-funnel search visitors

 » With the judicious use of SEO, we ensure that all online searches are diverted to your website and your brand.

 » Our Content Marketing strategy identifies the right channels to promote your brand with content and also defines what type of content works well for the platform.

 » Enhancing the outreach of your brand through content is efficiently done by Fresh Digi Hub with backlinks and SEO.

 » With intuitive analytics, we monitor and optimize the flow of content across different channels.

 » Even with varied content across different channels, we maintain uniform synergy to register the brand presence and ensure recall.

 » Content in every form is created by us at Fresh Digi Hub-from blogs to technical whitepapers, from e-books to tutorial videos… anything you need as content, we have it.

 » We do not stop at just creating content but market it effectively across various channels for maximum ROI.

Benefits of using a Content Marketing strategy from Fresh Digi Hub

1. Better customer engagement

With compelling content, we attract search visitors to your site. Our crunchy social media posts are not easily missed due to their crisp content and you can be sure that they will draw attention and engage the readers to your brand.

2. Increased traffic

Our blogs and social media posts are shared and reshared to augment traffic to your site. That’s how classy our content is!

3. Increased ROI

With our content marketing strategy, the ROI you get is 4x times than that of traditional marketing and we can vouch for it!

4. Building goodwill

Acknowledging, replying to viewer’s comments on posts and maintaining an online rapport through emails is the best way we build goodwill for your brand.

Create, publish, amplify and promote your content with us at Fresh Digi Hub to have a compelling presence for your business online.