LinkedIn Ads

If you want to protect your business as a professional and efficient enterprise, the best way to do is through LinkedIn marketing or LinkedIn advertising.

Why LinkedIn Ads for your business?

 • Nearly 560 million professionals use LinkedIn
 • LinkedIn caters to a global professional community
 • LinkedIn is a platform for professional networking and is taken seriously by professionals.
 • LinkedIn is supposed to have double the  buying power of other web audiences
  • LinkedIn is the #1 B2B platform
  • Nearly 4 out of 5 LinkedIn users are key decision makers.

Run LinkedIn Ads to get Professional Business Leads

LinkedIn Ads

How to advertise on LinkedIn for your business?

The first thing to do is to hire a professional LinkedIn advertising agency like Fresh Digi Hub because only such an expert agency which understands the nuances of LinkedIn ad targeting can project your business well on this B2B network.

Fresh Digi Hub makes use of the LinkedIn Campaign Manager to choose among the different types of LinkedIn ads and decide what is best for you.

What Our Client Says?

Anup kumar

Very good. A very professional team. I have been associated with this team and the results are also good. And always the response also. All the best team.

Deals of the Day

Fresh Digi Hub has an extremely talented Digital Marketing team that listens to our needs and then works hard to meet them. Every resource is a responsible and dedicated team to work. We are really enjoyed working with Fresh Digi Hub team.

Rekhas Tailors

FreshDighub is one of the best Digital marketing company in chennai. They upfront approach establishes project expectations within the limitations of website development and SEO. Quantifiable results were achieved within several months of work. Now, sales through Google search engine and social media consistently increase each month, while the website’s bounce rate also steadily decreased. Thanks for the young talented team to get succeed of my business.

Types of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Sponsored Content 

This appears as native advertising on the LinkedIn feeds of the targeted professionals directly

LinkedIn Sponsored In-Mail 

LinkedIn Sponsored In-Mail Here personalized, relevant ad content is sent to specific individuals through LinkedIn Messages

LinkedIn Text Ads

Simple text-only ads that appear on the side of your LinkedIn feed

LinkedIn Video Ads

 Eye-catching videos to promote your brand posted on the LinkedIn feed

LinkedIn Display Ads

 Personal ads that are dynamically generated depending on your audience’s activity.

Fresh Digi Hub employs an eclectic mix of these different types of LinkedIn Ads to give you the maximum ROI.

Fresh Digi Hub's distinctive LinkedIn Promotion for your business

 • Fresh Digi Hub first creates a LinkedIn Business Page for your company to promote its LinkedIn B2B marketing.
 • We then decide the nature of ads you wish to use in the LinkedIn campaigns for your business.
 • Creating the ad comes next with unique ad content and visuals.
 • Choosing the target audience using research-backed data.
 • We then fix your budget based on cost-per-click, cost-per-send or cost-per-impression.
 • We successfully launch the ad, measure and optimize its parameters to get you the best ROI.

Make the most of LinkedIn B2B marketing using the magic of Fresh Digi Hub!