Native Advertising

Did you know that

» Consumers look at native ads 53% more than normal display ads?
» Native ads have created 18% more purchase intent than display ads?
» Native ads have 10% more audience engagement than regular ads?

Really? So

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising constitutes a set of paid ads that look and feel like the media format they appear in.

Native ads do not stand out specifically and separately as ads. Instead, they appear as part of the editorial matter found on the page. Native ads do not disrupt the flow of content in a page and hence they have more chances of being seen or read.

Native Ads

Why does your business need Native Ads?

Today’s consumers are ad-savvy. The moment they see an ad, they skip or scoot. How the, to advertise your brand or business in front of the consumers? Only by native ads, of course.

• Native ads are able to get noticed as they appear as part of the content. So they draw more attention to your brand message.
• Native ads camouflage the marketing message and do not appear outright as “ads”. Your marketing message is pushed by native ads effortlessly.

How do native ads appear?

Native ads appear as

In-feed ads- like those that appear beside your social media feed on FB, Twitter etc
Sponsored ads that appear on top of your Google listings and sidebar
Recommended Content – links to sites or blogs that are prescribed below blog posts and content

Fresh Digi Hub has dealt with all kinds of native ads and has sound experience in choosing the right one for you.

Native Ads Appear As

What Our Client Says

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Native advertising Services by Fresh Digi Hub

Fresh Digi Hub is not new to native advertising. Known for its native advertising examples, Fresh Digi Hub can drive you more traffic to your website and engage audiences better to get leads.

At Fresh Digi Hub, we are experts in native advertising and use

• Sponsored content or ads -Here the brand pays the publisher to create content.
• Branded content or ads-Here the content is created by brand and published by the publisher.
• Native advertorials -Here the ad is showcased as a sponsored editorial.

Fresh Digi Hub is an expert in handling native advertising for both mobiles and desktops.

With insight and innovation in native advertising, Fresh Digi Hub have

• Improved the audience engagement multifold.
• Increased the number of leads.
• Augmented the CTR several times over.

No more doubts when it comes to native advertising for your business- let Fresh Digi Hub be your right choice to reap rich rewards!