Truecaller Ads

With several spam calls and telemarketing efforts annoying us each day, almost every one of us has Truecaller on their mobile to identify unwanted callers. But did you know that Truecaller has become an excellent advertising platform for promoting your brand?

Many corporate brands are switching to Truecaller for their advertising as this app has potent benefits for marketing and promotion.

Only seasoned digital Marketers like Fresh Digi Hub can harness the power of Truecaller advertising to promote your brand effectively? 

Why Truecaller Ads?

With Truecaller ads, you can reach 40 million unique users on a  pan-India level daily. Imagine the outreach your brand will gain from Truecaller advertising.

Truecaller is fast-becoming one of the world’s largest mobile brand platforms. Make the most of Truecaller by promoting your brand using Truecaller advertising for telling results.

Truecaller ads are specifically useful during festive seasons and discount periods to promote offers for your brand.

Truecaller leads in mobile advertising as it is able to deliver at least 200 million impressions in a day. Now, surely, you will not underestimate the power of Truecaller advertising.

Just reach out to Fresh Digi Hub- the true masters of Truecaller advertising to gain maximum visibility and customer engagement for your brand.

What are Truecaller ads?

Truecaller ads are ads that appear each time you get a call from an unknown number identified by Truecaller. Before you decide to pick or reject the call, you see a featured ad lasting for just 6 seconds. This short interval is enough to give brand visibility to your brand via Truecaller advertising.

Why Truecaller Ads truly work?

Truecaller has an innovative way of advertising brands. Its approach is non-intrusive and non-invasive. Want to know how? Take a look.

All Truecaller ads last only for 6 secs. They also come with a “skip” option. But owing to the very short duration, these ads are seldom skipped.

The very brevity of the Truecaller ad is its strength. Since the ad is off in less than half-a-minute, everyone is curious to look at the ad.  This is why True caller has a highly -potent repeat audience.

Make the most of Truecaller advertising by evolving the right ad campaign on this platform with the help of Fresh Digi Hub.

What Our Client Says?

Anup kumar

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Deals of the Day

Fresh Digi Hub has an extremely talented Digital Marketing team that listens to our needs and then works hard to meet them. Every resource is a responsible and dedicated team to work. We are really enjoyed working with Fresh Digi Hub team.

Rekhas Tailors

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How to advertise on Truecaller?

Using Truecaller Ads Manager, Fresh Digi Hub plans your Truecaller ads campaign by specifying your ad preferences and deploying your ad. with Truecaller Ads Manager, useful insights on the performance of the ad can be gained to tweak the ad for better results.

Small and mid-size businesses are able to advertise effectively using Truecaller ads in a personalized manner. The Truecaller advertising price is also comparatively low when compared to other channels and this is the reason why it is highly preferred.

Why Truecaller ads with Fresh Digi Hub?

Fresh Digi Hub are experts in deploying TrueCaller Ads. They carefully analyze your need and business goals and select the type of TrueCaller Ads that is right for your brand and its audience.

With its expertise, Fresh Digi Hub tries to make optimum use of the Truecaller platform to launch your brand ads. We target your brand to the right group and ensure that your brand voice is heard effectively.

MAximum ROI, scalability and reach are the factors you gain from Fresh Digi Hub’ True caller Ads

Reap in the best ROI from Truecaller by tying up with Fresh Digi Hub for your Truecaller advertising.