Youtube Ads

YouTube is officially the world’s second largest search  Yes, 1.8 billion people register on YouTube to watch 5 billion videos daily.

Nearly 32% of the consumers who watch YouTube engage with branded video on a daily basis. This is why YouTube advertising works best for your brand.

With 18% of the online video streaming market,  almost everyone watches YouTube once a week. So, if you want your brand to get noticed online, make sure its ads run on YouTube frequently!

Why advertise on YouTube?

YouTube is the online space where people who matter, connect. From fashion divas to fast-paced sportsmen, from spiritual gurus to sexy models, everyone is on YouTube.
With YouTube advertising, you reach out to people who really count. Customer targeting is very effective with YouTube advertising as this video marketing platform clearly delineates the different types of audiences through its channels.
Most importantly, unlike other video advertising channels, YouTube charges you only if the viewer clicks on the ad or watches at least 30 seconds of it. This is why YouTube ads are not only effective but economical too.
YouTube has an option of non-skippable ads which cannot be skipped or abandoned. They run compulsorily for 15-30 seconds. You may opt for such ads to deliver a strong brand message.

Different video ad formats available on YouTube Ads

Skippable in-stream ads

Non-skippable in-stream ads

Discovery ads

Bumper ads

1. Skippable in-stream ads
In skippable in-stream ads, the viewer has an option to skip the ad after they watched for 5 seconds. Use this ad format when you want your video need to appear before, during, or after other videos on YouTube. It will appear on YouTube watch pages.

Campaign goals which allow in-stream ads are:
Website traffic
Brand awareness and reach
Product and brand consideration
A campaign created without a goal

2. Non – skippable in-stream ads
When you’d like to reach viewers with your entire message go with the non-skippable in-stream ad because viewers do not have the option to skip the ad. The video should be within15-20 seconds or shorter and it will play before, during or after another video.

Campaign goals which allow non-skippable ads are:
Brand awareness and reach

3. Discovery ads
Discovery ads always invite people to click to watch the video on the Youtube watch page. Your video will appear on alongside related YouTube videos, YouTube search result or on the YouTube mobile homepage.

Campaign goals which allow video discovery ads are:
•  Product and brand consideration
•  A campaign created without a goal

4. Bumper ads
Bumper ads help to reach more viewers and increase awareness about your brand with a short memorable message.
The length of the video should be 6 seconds or shorter. It will plays before, during, or after another video. Viewers do not have the option to skip the ad.

Campaign goals which allow bumper ads are:
•  Brand awareness and reach
•  A campaign created without a goal

The type of ad you need for your brand is best decided by an expert YouTube advertisement agency like Fresh Digi Hub. We evolve a YouTube advertising strategy based on your business needs, nature of brand and audience and above all, your budget.

What Our Client Says?

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How to advertise on YouTube?

After creating your YouTube video ads professionally, at Fresh Digi Hub, we launch your YouTube Ad campaign by linking the Google Adwords account to YouTube. Then we fix the ad spend and set the target locations. Then we upload your YouTube video ad successfully. Using the advanced settings, we specify which device you wish to target like tablets, mobiles etc and also specify the days when you want the ad displayed. YouTube AdWords are used in selecting keywords to target specific audiences.

The biggest advantage of YouTube is that it is universally available on all devices using its app. In fact, 50% of the YouTube videos are viewed only on mobiles. Your brand will get best advertised only with its YouTube video ad and will gain maximum visibility on mobiles too.

Why YouTube ads with Fresh Digi Hub?​

With about 300+ videos uploaded on YouTube every minute, your video can easily get lost among the thousands.
To get your videos noticed instantly across Youtube, you need to rank it at the top and only Fresh Digi Hub can do it for you.
Apart from creating awesome and artistic videos, Fresh Digi Hub works on performing YouTube SEO to rank your video on top!
So, with Fresh Digi Hub, your Youtube videos are not only unique but universally noticed!
Fresh Digi Hub also drive a lot of organic traffic to your Youtube video and gains more likes and subscriptions to your video channel!
Youtube channel optimization and monetization are expertly handled by Fresh Digi Hub to give you the maximum ROI. 

YouTube ads by Fresh Digi Hub- maximum visibility with minimum spend.