Facebook & Instagram Marketing Ideas for Restaurants and Hotels

Every city is filled with restaurants in every crick and corner. How does one survive this massive competition of being heard even before being assessed for their good quality and outstanding service? The initial step for a restaurant to flourish is to be known and heard. Before the introduction of social media marketing, businesses simply depended on the transfer of a good word or small scale advertising which barely covered the potential it could. Thanks to the overwhelming use of social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, marketing has reached a whole other level. Facebook and Instagram come with their own pros that would contribute to your business in unimaginable measures yet businesses lack knowledge on how they could make it work in their favor is where the trick lies. Use Facebook and Instagram as a mode to flaunt your restaurant and hotel.

Here are a few restaurant marketing ideas on how you could get started with using Facebook and Instagram in publishing your restaurant or hotel to the masses.

It is all about the visuals

Gone are the days where sophisticated dishes were the attraction, now it is all about the visuals. This is where social media platforms provide your business with the opportunity to flaunt those appetizing dishes. For some reason, we are all attracted to the presentation and colour of food despite not knowing its flavours. Everyone here has borne witness to craving food while simply looking at those amazing dishes on their feeds. Make a note to pay keen attention to good photographs, it does the trick.

Let them into your kitchen

Here is another restaurant marketing idea. With the concept of open kitchens and transparency, why not give them a sneak peek of what is really going on behind closed doors. This would create room for you to flaunt the quality and uniqueness of your food and if they choose not to heed to your ad they would truly be missing out. Bits and pieces would sure raise a bit of curiosity. While you are at it, make it a good one.

Why not go for a teaser?

Who doesn’t love a little tease? It is quite aggravating but who doesn’t like to be teased now and then to show us what we are missing out on. Introduce yourself, your business, your food and get a few words of feedback from existing customers rating your restaurant or hotel. Use your creative senses and tap into adding all that stands out in comparison to the hundreds of restaurants present in the city.

Here are the key features of Facebook and Instagram with tips and ideas on how you could use these social platforms economically and effectively.

Facebook Marketing Ideas

With over 2 billion users on Facebook, why not use it to enhance your business. This had been one of the restaurant marketing ideas that have changed the marketing for restaurant businesses. Creating a business profile adds credit to your restaurant. Options from details of locations, contact info, menu and feedback from customers create a sense of convenience for potential customers. It’s a clear and open forum where it simply proves the restaurant legit. An interactive forum creating smooth flowing business interactions is all that Facebook is about.

Instagram Marketing Ideas

For Instagram, it’s about the pictures, hashtags, comments and reposts. Make sure to make your page colourful and attractive whipping out all your best dishes. The millennials are all about visuals and why not use this to add to your restaurant business. Creating a hashtag will only increase the credibility of your page. Before stepping into a restaurant people do a good amount of stalking on Instagram to check out your dishes so get your presentation right. Choose trendy captions and cool hashtags and the followers would increase almost every day.

If you are dreading that you aren’t well equipped with photography and editing skills, these social media platforms do not require hi-tech gadgets or fancy cameras. Thanks to the efficient and economical gadget, the smartphone, that has made life a lot easier and marketing via Facebook and Instagram a piece of cake.

Having said all the above it sure is a task to come by the process enticing and attracting the crowd to your restaurant or hotel. This factor is entirely left up to the management to deliver the quality as in the visuals if customer retention is one of the business’ goals. Facebook and Instagram have made flaunting our business online with ease and style. Use these fascinating tools to work in your favour in turn, allowing your business to grow.

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