Why online Marketing is Crucial for Brand Building

Branding is all in marketing but it is too often neglected by business owners, though it definitely expected by the audience largely. This is unfortunate since a strong brand is a powerful asset for any business.

Brand Building is creating awareness and promoting company products and services using different strategies and tactics. Branding the most important context used in the Marketing world. Yes, it is crucial for every business to survive in today’s competitive market.

Why people choose digital marketing for their Brand building?

Here’s the answer:

  • 46% of all searches on Google are seeking for information.
  • 72% of consumers, who search for businesses online.
  • 92% of searchers will choose businesses on the first page of search results.

Which shows that people are expecting you to be in an online presence whenever they search about your products and services. If your not their, they will go with your competitors. That we don’t want right. Then the only solution is to have your own digital space on search engines and social media channels. 

Let’s see the 7 ways to market your brand online;

  • Website
  • Social Media Post
  • Social Media Ads Campaigns
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogs
  • Videos

1. Website

Branding Through Website

A website is the main thing for online marketing and brand building. It serves as an online brochure for your companies products and services. Have detailed information on the website like about the company, products/services, contact information, offer, testimonials & ratings will help the site visitors to get more ideas about you. 

2. Social Media Post

Branding through Social Media

Frequently posting on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., will help to bring brand presence around your own community and groups.  The posting should be relevant, attractive and engaging with your audience. It will result in huge no. of followers and likes for your companies social media profiles/ pages. That’s the ultimate goal we want from online marketing.

3. Social Media Ads Campaigns

branding through social media ads

When you want to reach a particular set of an audience on the social media then you have to choose Ad campaigns as your “the most strategy” it not only bring branding for you it will also bring leads for your business. Find out where your audience spends more time on social media and target them with the branding building objectives. Examples:  People who love video will mostly spend time on YouTube.

4. PPC Campaigns

Target and market your products based on the interest of the target audience then you can opt for PPC campaigns. It can be done in 4 ways:

Branding through Google Ads

  1. a) Search Ads – Ad shows to people who search for your products and services on search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo etc.,
  2. b) Display Ads –  Ad shows to people who interested in your products and services on other websites as a banner ad.
  3. c) Video Ads – Ad shows to people who saw videos on Youtube and other video partner sites.
  4. d) Shopping Ads – Ad shows to people who search for your products and services on above or below search results of Google Search, Google Play, Google Shopping, and Google Maps, including the Maps app. 

You can promote your brand by running PPC campaigns on a regular basis to be on top and visible to your audience. Thereby you can create a wonderfully brand awareness of your products and services.

5. Email Marketing

branding through email marketing


If you want to brand your product/services to the larger set of audience you can go with email marketing because it is an opportunity to create direct links with consumers. While planning your email marketing campaign, it is important to mention your branding & brand identity to the messages you send. All you need is a customer email id and If you like to approach your customers in a personalized manner then the email marketing is the best solution. Email marketing is considered as a cost-effective method when compared to other tactics.

6. Blogs

branding through blogs

A blog helps a business to position itself as the best in their field, by writing and publishing the industry related blogs are one way of developing knowledge expertise in a particular field. Keep on pushing some constant and interesting blog content may help to grow your fans base. Further, those blogs can be promoted through social media as an ad campaign to brand you, even more, better with a larger set of audience. Blogs always drive huge traffic from social media and search engines.

If you don’t have a blog, create it now for your business, it will help to build your business brands.

7. Videos

branding through video

We can use video to promote or market your brand, product or service. If you want to engage and retain your set of audience you can choose for Video Ads. It helps to grab the audience attention easily, better medium to learn and able to communicate well compare to other forms of ads thereby the brand of our products and services can be improved.

Is your digital brand as Good as it could be?

If your business wants to grow then, try using the seven tips listed above to establish and strengthen your brand over the next year. Ready to start growing? Contact us today to get a complete branding strategy for your business from Fresh Digi Hub.

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